Spa Vacations for Women Help You Relax and Unwind!

Spa vacations for women are the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation experience. And they are, by far, one of our most popular vacation ideas!

Spa getaways are the perfect way for friends, or moms and daughters, to relax, restore, and reconnect with each other. Lying on a chaise, having your feet massaged or getting a manicure, catching up with each other's lives - that's a great women's vacation!

Why not just head for the beach? Granted, a lounge chair and a good book can't be beat for "vegging out". But for rejuvenation and renewal, or relaxing with friends, try a spa or yoga vacation.

There's nothing like a massage in a cabana on the beach; or maybe you really need a week away, for quiet meditation and renewal.

No matter where I'm vacationing, I like to squeeze in a massage or pedicure. You'll find resort, destination, or day spas all over the world - why not combine a spa visit with a beach or active getaway?

On the other hand, you can sneak away by yourself, block out the world and just focus on you.

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Spa Vacations are Great Way for Moms and Daughters to Reconnect

Add a spa visit to a mother daughter vacation or sister's trip. A massage is a great way to relax after a day of sightseeing, shopping, or other activities - the possibilities are as varied as the spas themselves.

Spa getaways are also a great opportunity to get together with your girlfriends! A long weekend with your girlfriends is an opportunity to relax, unwind, and reconnect. Why not do it while sharing a facial, manicure or hot stone massage?

woman sitting in lotus pose with a tray of candles before her
OK - what if you don't know what a hot stone massage is? Or if you don't know Ayurveda from Aromatherapy? How do you decide what treatments to indulge in during your spa visit?

Great Women's Vacations Spa Glossary explains various techniques, treatments, and terminology used in spas.

Are you looking for a health spa? Medical treatments? Beauty treatments? Relaxation and stress relief? A spiritual retreat?

There are affordable spa getaways and luxury spa vacations, resort spas where you can relax for a week or a weekend. Or you could just add a day spa or single treatment to your active vacation - it's entirely up to you!

Each Area of the Globe Offers It's Own Unique Spa Techniques

North American Spa
Caribbean Spa
Asian Spa
European Spa

European spa vacations, offer plenty of hot springs and mud baths - and it's the home of botox!

Asian spa vacations offer Thai, Shiatsu, and Ayurvedic massage therapy by the people who originated those treatments.

Caribbean spa and Mexico spa vacations offer treatments on the beach using lemon, lime, sea salts, and other local ingredients. Heavenly!

US spa vacations offer the best the world's techniques, with local flavors added to the mix, like Native American treatments or a chocolate mask in Hersey Pennsylvania. Regional US spas include:

Yoga is offered at most spas; you can also find yoga classes with a number of other vacation options, from creative workshops to surf camps.

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