What the Heck is "Glamping"?!?!?!

That's a very good question!

"Glamping" means "glamorous camping". It's a silly word, but a pretty neat concept.

It's definitely one of our most unusual vacation ideas.

Imagine lying in the woods, on a mountain top - smelling the pine-scented air, listening to the crickets and the sounds of a nearby stream.

But you're enjoying this scene while lying on a hotel-style bed with fine linens, inside a spacious white tent with carpets, electricity, and running water.

You'll enjoy the outdoors without really "roughing it" - it truly is the best of both worlds!

The level of luxury camping varies - it can can be comparable to a boutique hotel, or just a few steps above a sleeping bag under the stars.

Some luxury tent resorts have hi-tech barbeques to replace that campfire, while others have gourmet restaurants on-site (also in a tent).

Some of these tent resorts even offer yoga and massage treatments.

Unlike ordinary camping, this is generally NOT the cheap way to go!On the other hand, there are very affordable glamping experiences, with modest accommodations and fewer amenities, that you can enjoy without breaking the bank (I personally love the idea of the yurts in North Carolina!)

What a great way to spend a weekend with your friends - the peace and solitude of the great outdoors offers a wonderful opportunity for rest and renewal (and the yoga classes help!). But you don't have to sacrifice comfort to commune with nature.

Glamping in North America
Unique Hotels

Other Unique Accommodations

If you're looking for unique lodgings but not necessarily in the woods, how about in a lighthouse or a windmill? Or an underwater or ice hotel?

Find Unique Hotels all over the world, and enjoy a truly unique experience!

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