Save Money on Travel with Coupons, Websites, and More!

Let's face it - travel is expensive! But there are ways to save money on travel and keep your expenses in check.

- There are many ways to save on airfare but if you're not going far, it may be more cost-effective to drive to your destination.

- Your hotel may have coupons and discounts for restaurants and attractions in the area. Check with the local visitor's bureau, too - most have coupons you can print from their websites before you leave home.

- And don't forget to check any organizations you belong to for discounts to save money on travel - AAA, the military, and AARP are some of the most common.

- What level of luxury and comfort are you expecting from your accommodations? Look for value, without compromising quality. For a beach vacation, you might want to splurge on a more luxurious resort, but look for a condo where you prepare your own meals.

For a city vacation with mostly sightseeing activities, a basic hotel with breakfast included might be a better choice.

Goldstar offers 50% discounts on theater tickets and other activities in cities around the US.

If you're heading to New York for a weekend getaway, for example, buy your theater tickets from Goldstar and save!

- For other activities - almost anywhere in the world - use Viator to book in advance and save.

Viator offers tickets for sightseeing tours, "skip the line" tickets for major attractions from the Louvre to the Vatican, "hop on, hop off" trolley tours (I love these tours as an easy way to get to know a new city, before deciding where to spend my valuable vacation time), segway tours, dinner cruises, snorkle or kayak tours, and so much more.  They're also your best bet for airport transportation to and from your hotel!

- Buy travel insurance. This costs money up front, of course, but can save a bundle in the long run. If you are just booking airfare and a hotel (not in a package), you probably do not need insurance; airlines and hotels have cancellation policies which may cost you $100, but you can always re-book your trip. However, if you are booking a cruise, a tour, or a package, the cancellation policies are more costly. If you need to cancel at the last minute due to a family emergency, insurance is a necessity. Many travel insurance policies now allow last-minute cancellation for ANY reason, for an additional fee. Since many trips are booked almost a year in advance, it's a good idea to protect yourself against unexpected changes in your plans.

Learn how to cover your vacation with AIG Travel Guard. Click here for a free quote!

With a little work, you can save money on travel and still have a nice vacation.

You can always save money on travel by checking out our list of current deals and interesting vacations at Travel Deals.

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