Foodies are in Heaven on Cooking Trips!

Do you love to cook? Or maybe you just love to eat!! (Like me!)

Either way, cooking trips are one of the best women's vacation ideas.

The love of food is one of the things that ties us together as a family, or as friends. And trying new dishes when visiting a new country (or just a state or city I've never been to before) is always one of the highlights of any trip.

Indulge your passion for food and wine in culinary classes, cooking lessons, and walking and tasting tours.

Culinary vacations run the gamut from hands-on cooking lessons in a restaurant kitchen or local farmhouse, to cultural tours that focus on the food and wine of Italy, France - even Poland!

Do a walking tour in almost any city for an afternoon of tasting the local specialties, or take a river cruise through French wine country, or stay at a farmhouse in Italy and take daily classes from the owner.

Do you love wine? Would you like to learn more about it?

Or maybe there's a particular cuisine you'd love to learn more about - Italian, Thai, French - no matter what you're preference, there's a culinary adventure waiting for you.

Take a Trip to Your Favorite Place and Learn to Cook Like the Locals

North American Cuisine
Jamaican Cooking
European Cuisine

Adventures in North American Cuisine can teach you about cajun food in New Orleans, Tex-Mex in Santa Fe, wine in the Napa Valley, and lots more in New York, San Francisco, and Boston. There are lots of cooking trips you can enjoy in the US!

European Cuisine covers pasta to croissants to perogies. You can choose from many, many culinary vacations in Tuscany, of course. And you can take a river cruise in the south of France to learn about wine and chocolate, or learn about Polish cooking with a week in Poland!

Jamaican cooking , the most common type of Caribbean cuisine, is spicy and sweet. Learn to make Jamaican Jerk (and appreciate the beauty of rum!) on a culinary vacation in the Caribbean, while enjoying a beach getaway.

You can spend a week learning to cook, or just an afternoon watching a demonstration and tasting!

Whatever your level of expertise or interest, there are cooking trips for you!

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