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We're Always Looking for Great Women's Vacations!

That's the great thing about this site. We're looking for great vacation ideas for girlfriend getaways, sisters trips, mother daughter vacations - any kind of "girl trip!"

We don't book the trips - this is not a travel agency or a tour operator. We're not here to sell you a trip.

But we want to inspire travel, especially among women. Finding the time to re-connect with loved ones is the focus of women's vacations.

Great women's vacations mean thinking a little bit "outside the box". If you've already done a Caribbean cruise on a large ship, consider a river cruise in the south of France.

Have you ever wanted to learn to paint, speak a language, or cook a specific type of cuisine? Do it on your next vacation!

I learned to snorkle on vacation - which was quite an accomplishment, since I don't even swim!  But I pushed my limits, and now I have a new activity that I really love.

I love to travel, and to learn new things on each trip.

In a "previous life", I worked in the apparel industry and traveled often to Asia, visiting factories and suppliers. I love Hong Kong, Bangkok, and the people of Asia. I haven't spent much time in China, and my dream is to see the Great Wall.

I also love Hawaii, I'd like to visit Australia someday. and I'd like to take a European river cruise (maybe visit some Christmas Markets!)

I always travel with one of my sisters, and we are often joined by another sister and sister-in-law.

(I'm in the center in this photo, wearing the blue jacket)

The trips listed on this site are not necessarily "women-only" tours, unless specifically noted. You can enjoy any of these vacation ideas with your spouse or significant other. But ANY trip can be a women's vacation - what makes it special is the camaraderie that exists among women.

We want this site to be a one-stop shopping destination for women planning to travel. There are tips on packing, navigating the airport, tools for international travel, and ideas for GREAT VACATIONS!

You will be able to book your own vacation on this site, too. There are links to sites like Travelocity for booking trips, as well as links on every page to take you to websites with tours, excursions, classes - whatever piques your interest! Some of these suppliers pay us a small commission if you reach them through us; others do not. In any case, they are listed on this site because we truly believe they offer a service that is beneficial for you.

We will also be sharing stories of our travels, and we want you to share yours. They can be funny, serious, helpful - whatever you want to share. Tell us about your trips. Send photos, too!

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