Cheap Weekend Getaways Throughout the US

Cheap weekend getaways with your girlfriends or sisters can be one of the best ways to get together and catch up! You don't need a whole week's vacation (although that's nice, too), and you don't need to spend a ton of money to enjoy fun weekend getaways.

Look no farther than a city near you (or "in between" where everyone lives). Then you can drive to town (splitting the cost of gas and eliminating airfare), stay downtown, and enjoy a sightseeing trip, theater, shopping, and much more!

No airfare, no rental car, no worries! An inexpensive weekend getaway offers a variety of great vacation ideas.

Short 3 or 4-day getaways are perfect for a women's vacation. If you have family obligations, spending a full week with your girlfriends may be a bit indulgent (in terms of both time and money).

But you don't have to deprive yourself of the bonding experience of a girlfriend's getaway or a mother daughter vacation. Pick a date, book a room, and go!

A quick getaway - in a city near you - is a great way to spend time relaxing and re-connecting with friends or family.

New York Getaway
San Francisco Weekend Getaway
Chicago Weekend Getaway

Smaller Cities are Great Getaway Destinations, Too

You don't have to live near a large city, either. While New York, San Francisco, or Chicago have tons of things to do, smaller cities have a lot to offer for cheap vacations, too.

Boston Weekend Getaways
Miami Weekend Getaway
Charleston Weekend Getaway

I've written about my hometown, Milwaukee, as a great place for a weekend with the girls.

While it may not be high on anyone's list for a week-long destination vacation, it's great for an inexpensive getaway (in Milwaukee, we know cheap!! And we're proud of it!!!).

Charleston, SC and San Antonio are also good weekend destinations.

All you need are a couple of days with your friends, a couple of activities, some good food, and you're set!

Phoenix Weekend Getaway
San Antonio Weekend Getaway
Milwaukee Weekend Getaway

You'll want to spend most of your time "catching up" with everyone and what's going on in their lives; leave plenty of time for just relaxing around the hotel pool or lingering over a glass of wine.

So pack your bags, call your friends, pile into the car - and go on some cheap weekend getaways!!

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