Relax on a River Cruise and See the World Up Close

Why a river cruise?

Because unlike their ocean-going counterparts, these cruises utilize smaller ships that get right into the heart of a city.

The ship docks, you disembark and are on a tour of Paris, Amsterdam, or Nuremberg within minutes.

Instead of sailing the perimeter of a country, a small ship cruise sails along a river cutting right through the countryside, with mountains, forests or castles on each side.

This is sightseeing at a relaxed pace, and it's one of my favorite vacation ideas.

castle on the elbe river in germany

There is always something to see on the river; you don't spend days staring at the sea.

You'll Find Small Ships on Rivers All Over the World

As long as there is a river large enough for a small ship, there is a good possibility you'll find a cruise tour there.

European River Cruise
Alaska Cruises and USA River Cruises

A European cruise - in the first region to use rivers for touring - may take place along the Danube and the Main from Amsterdam to the Black Sea, through the Netherlands, or through Germany, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, and Bulgaria.

You can tour the rivers in France and Portugal, too - even Italy!

Alaska cruises, or USA cruises, tour the Mississippi, the Pacific Northwest rivers, or the Atlantic coastline.

Travel into the heart of glacier country in Alaska - you'll get much closer than any of the large ships, and may find yourself eye to eye with a kodiak bear!

Small Ships Have a More Intimate Atmosphere Than Their Oceangoing Counterparts

There are no rock-climbing walls or surf pools here - just lounges for viewing between stops, fitness centers, and occasionally a spa. These cruises are geared for adults, although older children are welcome, too.

I think of the large ships as a theme park on water - great for families and kids; a small ship is more like an elegant, boutique hotel. And, on a small ship, every room is an outside cabin.

the interior of a river cruise ship

River tour vacations focus on the excursions off the ship - and, unlike their larger counterparts, all excursions are included.

The small ship experience is unlike any other cruise or tour you can take. See the world up close on your next vacation!

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