Packing Tips to Lighten Your Load

Deciding what to pack , and how to pack it without wrinkles or damage, is one of the biggest challenges to travel. Our travel tips for packing luggage will get you on your way in no time!

Keep it simple, and keep it light! Remember, you'll be the one lugging this stuff through airports and stuffing it into a rental car trunk. If you don't want to haul it, don't take it!

And there are more penalties to overpacking than just an aching back. Airlines charge $25 or more for bags weighing more than 50 pounds

Almost all airlines now charge $25 - $50 just for checking your bag, too - often, the cheaper the ticket, the more you pay in other charges.

 So if you want to save money, stick to one bag weighing less than 50 pounds.

Start with a packing list to guide you with selecting clothes and accessories for your trip.

There is more explanation of how to choose a small wardrobe that covers your needs in "What to Pack"; you'll also get some tips on how to pack your bag efficiently.

With our help, you should be ready for all the activities you'll enjoy on your trip. And you'll arrive with minimal wrinkles, and no sore back from lugging too much stuff!

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Our best tip : Pack half as many clothes and twice as much money as you think you'll need!

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