Relax at a North American Spa

There's no place like a North American spa to relax and unwind with your friends!

No need to hop a plane to the Caribbean or Europe if you don't want to - there are spa resorts throughout the US, including Alaska and Hawaii.

US spa vacations are as varied as the American terrain. You'll find spa resorts near beaches, mountains, and deserts. Many use Native American techniques for health and spiritual balance. Others use local plants and minerals in their body treatments (like chocolate in Hershey, PA!).

A California spa may use wine or grapeseeds in their treatments, while an Arizona spa may use Native American treatments and holistic treatments (and if you're not sure what those are, check out the Spa Glossary for definitions!). Or enjoy a traditional lomi lomi massage on a trip to Hawaii - I've done that, and it was a relaxing end to a very active trip.

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Below are a sampling of spas across North America:

Eastern US Spas

Eastern US spas include those in New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Maryland.

You'll find NYC day spas, along with one of the best women-only fitness spas in the mountains of Vermont.And, of course, there's that chocolate mask!

Whether you live in the area or are just visiting, you can include a spa visit!

woman getting a chocolate body mask at Hotel Hershey, P

Western US Spas

Western US spas include those in California, Oregon, and Colorado.

From the coast of California to the mountains of Colorado, a spa vacation in the west almost guarantees stunning scenery. You'll find treatments utilizing seaweed or hazelnuts, activities like hiking or skiing, and even a mineral spring spa!

Midwest US Spas

Midwest US spas, incuding Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin, offer wellness vacations in the Great Lakes area.

There's a great women-only fitness spa in the heart of Illinois, and one of the best resort spas in the country along Wisconsin's Lake Michigan shoreline!

Southwest US Spas

woman on the red rocks outside a sedona spa

Southwest US spas include Arizona, Texas and Utah.

You'll love the red rocks of Arizona and Utah, or the rolling hills of Texas.

You can enjoy a luxury spa with golf in Scottsdale, or a luxury fitness spa in Texas. Utah has lots of activities at one of the best fitness spas in the US. There's something for everyone here!

Southeast US Spas

Southeast US spas include those in Florida, Tennessee, and North Carolina.

From the beaches of Florida to the gentle Blue Ridge mountains, the southeast offers luxury hotels or rustic resorts, all with relaxation and wellness in mind. Tennessee has a great fitness spa, too!

woman on massage table; therapist pouring oil into her han

Hawaii and Alaska Spas

woman on a massage table overlooking a poo

While it might be a long way for most of us in the continental US, a spa vacation in Alaska or Hawaii is the ultimate dream vacation!

A massage on the beach, or after a day of skiing (or dog-sledding!) is a terrific way to relax and unwind!

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