Grownup Girlz Camp | All-inclusive FUN weekend getaway for women!

by Jill Drummond
(Phoenix, AZ USA)

Grownup Girlz Camp offers an affordable, comfortable and fun opportunity for busy women to take time for themselves to relax, rejuvenate and reconnect. Join us for fun, laughter, support and friendship.

Set aside your to-do list and your hectic schedule and give yourself permission to play!

Rediscover the young-at-heart girl inside at Grownup Girlz Camp, the ultimate all-inclusive women’s weekend getaway catering to women who need a little “joy break” and just want to have fun. Why? Why not?

With all the stress and demands in life it can be hard to find the time to stop, breathe and take care of yourself. Ladies we are busy! Whether focused on our families, proving ourselves at work, juggling all the little issues of life, or all of the above, it's far too easy to put off allowing time for you to actually have fun and just be you.

At your very own all-inclusive women’s weekend getaway, you'll have the opportunity to meet new friends and experience fun activities you've always wanted to enjoy but never seem to have the time to actually fit into your schedule... until now. Join us, and we take care of everything. We've carefully selected a variety of programs and activities that are guaranteed to make you smile. Each event has a different combination of activities, but here are some examples of the types of things that you may do when you set aside the daily grind and join in the fun!

Get creative!

Try your hand at scrap booking or creating your own jewelry. We'll get you started with the basic techniques and materials, and even if you don't decide to keep doing it, you will leave with a nice memory and a lovely personal souvenir.

Get moving!

If you'd prefer something a little more active, try getting your booty moving with fun belly dance lessons. Its all about fun, no need to feel self-conscious because no boys allowed!

How about a self-defense class? There are plenty of people who are stronger than you, but their strength means nothing if you know some basic moves and attitude. You go girl!

Get sassy!

Learn how to decorate a cake or mix up an exotic cocktail. Culinary skill is something that keeps on giving to you and your family.

Or do nothing! The weekend is yours for the taking – no "musts" or "gottas" – just a whole lot of whatever strikes your fancy.

Your all-inclusive girlfriend getaway is only a few clicks away through Grownup Girlz Camp. Bring your friends or make new ones! If you are planning to attend with friends take advantage of a special discount of $50 when you share a suite, and that's in addition to any other offers or deals that might be available to you.

For more information on how to register for your perfect weekend getaway, or to get more information on the fun and excitement of these affordable events, visit the Grownup Girlz Camp website, sign up for the newsletter, or contact the team directly through mail, telephone, or the internet.

You deserve some time to let your hair down and just be sassy with a bunch of great gals. With Grownup Girlz Camp, you'll have it.

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