Smartipants Weekends Away Just for Women

by Anne Miner
(Woodstock, ON, Canada)

Did you know that the company of women improves the health and well-being of all women? According to a Stanford University study, the best way for women to live longer, healthier lives is to spend quality time with girlfriends! (The best thing for men to do is marry a woman).

Women want and need the support and companionship of other women. There are so very many things in life that only women can understand. We need to have time to laugh and learn, enjoy good food, fun and friendship together!

Smartipants was born over lunch when three daring women agreed it was time to have more fun. Using a dinner sized napkin, they drew out the plot! The three of them decided that they are old enough and wise enough to be Smartipants if we want to!

Smartipants Productions was formed to give women what they want and need. Our weekends are jam packed with fun; we start off with a pajama party on Friday night followed by a day of workshops and seminars where you can learn something new together, laugh together, relax together. Saturday night brings a lovely dress-up dinner and entertainment followed by dancing! Sunday is a time to rest and reflect - more workshops and a farewell brunch.

Smartipants events are held in elegant locations - small boutique hotels like Ontario's finest inns and hotels - where meals are prepared by an excellent chef and service is top notch. The program will vary depending on the location and speaker availability.

Go alone or take along your mother, daughter, sister, cousin or best friend. Just remember - no boys allowed!

We have partnered with the Power of Hope, a non-profit organization that provides underprivileged children with new pajamas at Christmas. Our guests bring pajamas to donate and in exchange receive tickets for our prize draws.

Smartipants events will be held all across North America. Find out more at

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