Women's Travel Packing List

Packing List for Clothing

1 pair comfortable, good-looking walking shoes (not athletic shoes - wear those on the plane)

1 pair sandals

3-4 pairs shorts/capris/pants (these should be neutral - black, khaki or navy. Denim is also "neutral", but be sure it is appropriate for weather/local custom/activities)

6-8 tops (mix sleeveless, short and long sleeves, knit and woven; this is where you can add color to brighten up the neutral bottoms)

5 pairs cotton socks

5-7 pairs underwear

1 bra (in addition to the one you wear on the plane)

1 light sweater for layering (cardigans are good for this)

1 LIGHT WEIGHTwater-resistant jacket with hood

1 swimsuit with cover-up

1 pajamas or nightshirt

Packing List for Toiletries & Medicines

Trial or Travel sizes:

Shampoo/conditioner (preferably a combination)

Soap or facial cleanser (or use those provided by the hotel)

Hand/body lotion (preferably dual use)

Hand sanitizer

Toothbrush (non-electric) & paste



Tampons or personal hygiene items


Contact lens supplies


Insect repellent

Prescription medications (in pharmacy container)

Over-the-counter pain relievers, cold remedies, allergy medication, Pepto-bismol tablets

Other Necessities

Passport (if going out of the U.S.)

e-tickets and copies of confirmations

Maps and travel guides (copy only the pages you need to save space, or download travel books to a kindle or nook app on your phone)

Cell phone and charger (look into international service if needed)

Camera and batteries (use rechargable batteries and bring charger for digital camera; buy film at destination for film cameras) (or - you can take photos with your phone!)

MP3 player with earbuds for the plane

Travel alarm clock (in case the hotel alarm is not working)

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