Walking vacations along the French Riviera

Experience a Unique Concept in Healthy Vacations

Imagine coming back from your vacation feeling lighter, energized, stronger, relaxed and on top of the world. Isn’t that really what holidays are supposed to do?

They can. Meet The Blue Walk, unique one-week guided walking vacations along the gorgeous French Riviera. We’ve assembled six half-day walks covering the Mediterranean from the Italian border to just beyond Cannes. Walks are at a leisurely pace, average three hours a day, and are designed to arrive around lunchtime in lovely Riviera cities like Cannes, Nice, Antibes and Monte Carlo. Participants are then free to spend the afternoon exploring the city, shopping, dining, hitting the beach, or whatever they like.

What makes The Blue Walk different? Walking trips are often beyond the physical ability of most vacationers. The Blue Walk is unique - no hiking boots or back packs required; an easy paced blend of walking trails, seaside meandering, and urban strolling. We follow the Mediterranean coastline with several train stations along the way if someone wants a shorter walk (a one-week rail pass is included.) For those who prefer more of a challenge, we provide itineraries and maps for self-guided extensions enabling you to customize your vacation to your fitness level.

While many walking tours consist of back-road trails, The Blue Walk is hotel based in Nice for the week, and combines beachside strolls with meanders through urban areas. And the half-day walks enable you to have the Riviera as your playground each afternoon. Exercise and play; health and happiness.

The Blue Walk is a healthy active vacation for people of nearly all ages and fitness levels: ideal for single travelers, girlfriend getaways, retreats, reunions, couples, families,and of course, boomer travel.


The Blue Walk is a creation of owner Carlo Roberts, a self-proclaimed travel junkie with 30 years in the industry. In April of 2000 while living in Toulon on the French Riviera and wanting to explore its stunning coastline, Carlo came up with the nutty idea of walking to Italy, following the Mediterranean through all its towns. Two weeks and 200 miles later she arrived exhausted, exhilarated, and enthusiastic about creating a more accessible “lite” version. The idea quietly tapped her on the shoulder for the next 10 years and now voilà, The Blue Walk.


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