Photo Divine ~ Girlfriend Getaways

by Wesley Sebern and Kyla Jenkinson
(Durango, CO, USA)

We are a team of two sister photographers who grew up in Southwest Colorado.

Ten years ago, Kyla started a portrait and wedding photography business in Durango while Wesley was a backpacking guide in the Grand Canyon. In 2006 we teamed up to create an extension of the photography business called Photo Divine Getaways.

We provide a fun, safe environment for women to get together with other women whom they love to enjoy a weekend getaway filled with great times and fabulous photo shoots!

These photo shoots are designed to be playful and unique to each woman. The intention behind the photo shoot is that each woman gets to be herself and feel gorgeous in an amazing outdoor environment surrounded by the women that know her best and appreciate her inner and outer beauty.

Typically our getaways take place somewhere in the southwest, but the location is up to the group of gals!

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