Maui Photos

Wanna see some Maui photos? These are photos from my beach resort vacation on Maui, Hawaii in April, 2010. There are photos of whales, waterfalls, and a nice Maui beach or two.

Once again, I took this vacation with my sisters and had a wonderful time.

There are a lot of black sand beaches on the Big Island, but they are more rare on Maui. This one is along the south/eastern coast, near Hana.

There's nothing like a Hawaii sunset, and this one is from the beach at Kahana, on Maui's north side.

This is the view from our table, having lunch at Momma's Fish House in Paia on Maui's eastern coast. I didn't even have to get up and move around to get this shot - it's just that gorgeous!

There were lots of whales on our whale watching adventure! We got so close I was able to get a shot of the whale's tale as it splashed into the ocean.

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