Malibu Ocean Sanctuary: Women's Creative Retreats

by Lisa Rasmussen MFA
(Santa Monica, CA)

“Hosgeldin” / Welcome

Take a giant breath unplug and exhale!

Art 4 All People is sanctuary of expression and creativity located in an idyllic Contemporary Art Beach Home in Malibu, CA with sweeping vistas of Mother Ocean. During your stay we hope you gain inspiration, clarity, relaxation, connection, and rejuvenation. Awake to the blissful sound of Mama Ocean and gently enter your day on the breath taking deck.

Our retreats can be tailored to you. You have a choice to have a quiet sabbatical to a four day creative immersion in art and its process.

The Retreat space is double occupancy with a full private bathroom, and the deck is right outside your door. Usage of the community kitchen and laundry facilitates

To be in this space is to feel as if I am protected from the outside world. To sleep between the mountain and the sea is a sanctuary–no thoughts. This place creates empty clarity–it is a vehicle to cleanse away the chaos and to bring new ideas and modes of awake with the sunrise..dream under the moon.. I will return to my own space renewed with clarity–new colors..

The space that I have found at the Art 4 All People “Guest House” has helped me find peace and tranquility–from my haunting’s of past, present, and future.

This space is an authentic and a true vessel, which has led to my own personal transformation

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