Insight into the real Jamaica

by Wellesley

My Island Jamaica

I have been to some of the most amazing beaches, moreso Bluefields beach, Negril Beach, Aquasol Beach and Font Hill beach, eat all the great Jamaican food and experience some of the best attractions and tours.

And yes, I make sure to snap some truly beautiful pictures.

I cook - yes me, some of the most amazing Jamaican dishes too! Like curried chicken, festivals, brown stew chicken and manish water. I've shared a few of these recipes on my free Jamaica recipes page on my website.

Mango time we scurry the woods and have mango for breakfast and dinner!

It's not much different for apple and guinep season either. By the way, I love fruits - as you can imagine :-)

I can go on an on, but I won't take all your time. If you really want to hear me 'brag' about My Jamaica stop by my website on

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