Inexpensive Vacation near Erie, PA?

by Carissa

I'm looking for an inexpensive vacation to take on May 18 2013(one night and two days, around $300 or less) in the Erie-area of Pennsylvania. I have two places in mind: Millcreek, PA and Presque Isle, PA.
Presque Isle seems to be a good idea because of the beautiful lake, but Millcreek has a mall and various restaurants. I'm not sure which location would provide a better vacation opportunity.
If you have any opinion on where I should vacation, please respond! Thank you

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I'd go for the lake...
by: tripdiva

Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with either of these areas.

My personal preference would be to go to the lake. Even if there aren't a lot of things to do in the immediate area, I'd take the opportunity to sit back, relax, read a couple of books, etc.

For many of us, shopping and restaurants are almost daily activities. Unless this is an area with really unique shops and restaurants (neither of which are likely to be found in a mall), a weekend getaway - where you actually get away from routine activities - is what a vacation is all about.

If you'd like more information on the Presque Isle area, you can find some information on the forums at TripAdvisor.

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