European Walking Tours Let You See the Continent Up Close

European walking tours are a great way to experience the continent. Instead of riding past the great sights in Paris or Rome, walk right up and touch them!

Even in the countryside, you can walk through towns and visit castles and monasteries - chat with the locals, sit down at a cafe, have a cup of coffee or tea, and get to know the area.

There are plenty of full-day or half-day escorted tours, self-guided walking tours, and full-week countryside tours - whatever suits your pleasure! You can pursue your special interest in history, books, or food and wine while sightseeing in London, Paris, or Rome.

Grapevines and the Vatican - Explore Italy on Foot

- Skip the Line Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel Tour - This tour guides you through the highlights of the Vatican Museums, St. Peter's Basillica, and the Sistine Chapel. The emphasis is on art, including Michelangelo's famous ceiling frescoes. You'll also learn of the history of the Vatican, and a few dark tales and secrets.

- Venice in One Day Walking and Canal Boat Tour - This is actually 2 tours in one, with a bit of free time between the tours. You'll start with a walking tour of the highlights of the city, then go "behind the scenes" to visit the Venice most tourists never see. After some free time, you'll travel the canals by boat, learning more of the history of the city - enjoying some of the world's most spectacular art and architecture the whole time.

- Venice Sunset Photography Walking Tour - This great walking tour will not only show you the highlights of Venice, but also show you how to photograph them to great effect! You'll learn how to approach people to ask for their photograph, how to capture spontaneous reactions, and how to use light for dramatic effect. (There is a daytime photo tour, also).

- Amalfi Coast and Capri - This 6 day tour travels some of the most beautiful scenery in Italy - the famed Amalfi coast, along the Mediterranean. Ancient towns perched on the cliffs above the sea, views of the Mediterranean, great food, and local wines are highlights of this tour. You will also visit the ruins of Pompeii, and enjoy a trip to the isle of Capri.

Find Gourmet Food and Creepy Caverns in France!

- Paris Gourmet Food Walking Tour - This European walking tour is led by a gourmet, not a travel guide, so expect a lot of information on food, wine, and food traditions as you walk the neighborhoods of Paris. The tour varies, depending on the guide and the guests, so you could take this tour every day and have a different experience! Among the possibilities are wine and cheese shops, pastry shops, and fresh produce markets. You'll learn how to choose the best ingredients, and have a few recipes to try at the end of the tour.

- Skip the Line: Catacombs of Paris Small-Group Walking Tour - If you have a taste for the macabre, this is the walk for you!

Tour the famous catacombs below the streets of Paris in the safety of a small group (max. 20 people).

The catacombs were originally limestone quarries, but were filled with bodies when the Parisian cemeteries became overcrowded. Skulls and bones are still on display, and your guide will entertain you with creepy stories galore!

- Provence, France - Wander fields of lavender and thyme, explore ancient ruins, and relax with a coffee (or wine!) at local cafe.

CW Adventures (formerly Country Walkers) offers a close up and personal trip through the heart of France. You'll explore the villages of Mazan and Lourmarin, with castles and cathedrals, fields and meadows, and glorious food and wine!

Jack the Ripper, Harry Potter, and Sheep - England at it's Best!

- Jack the Ripper Sinister London Walking Tour - Since 1888, when Jack the Ripper was recognized as the world's first serial killer, people have been fascinated with his crimes and speculated about his identity. Was he truly of royal blood? This tour may not have the definitive answers, but you'll learn about the unsolved cases and visit the crime scenes. Afterward, if you choose, you can join your fellow detectives in a fish and chips dinner at a local pub (optional).

- Harry Potter Movie Tours - SPOILER ALERT! Harry Potter and the magical land he inhabits are not real. But the characters and stories in the Potter books are based upon real people and places, and old legends passed on from one generation to the next. This tour takes you to those places and explains the origins of the tales of Harry Potter and his friends, as well as movie locations.

- England, the Lake District - This is a 7 day countryside European walking tour, set in the idyllic rural region of the Lake District (this is where the sheep come in). Rolling hills, crystal lakes, mountains and woodlands are the attractions here. William Wordsworth made his home in this northern region, and you will visit his home on the tour. Accommodations are modest but comfortable, and the food is hearty local fare. ThToursis is truly an opportunity to relax and enjoy nature's gifts.

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