Boston Photo Gallery 2

The Boston Photo Gallery 2 has photos of Boston neighborhoods. Boston's Little Italy is featured, along with a few shots in other areas. I LOVED Little Italy!

Little Italy

A signpost in Little Italy. It points the direction to Rome, Milan, etc.

We took a walking tour of Little Italy focusing on the food and what to look for in the markets. The Boston North End Market Tour was very informative and entertaining (and delicious - lots of tastings along the way!). I highly recommend it.

This is a lovely garden outside of one of the many churches in Little Italy. Several statues are obscured by the flowers in this photo, but I loved the statue of Mary and the lamb. Really pretty, and peaceful.

We were there during the Feast of St. Anthony - in the early evening, a statue of St. Anthony is paraded through the streets, decorated with money, and accompanied by musicians. The streets were decorated with lots of lights, and the place was so vibrant in the evening.

Rose Kennedy Parkway

Part of the reason Little Italy is so distinctive is that it was cut off from the rest of the city for many years, by a freeway that divided the town. Part of the freeway was recently put underground (the "Big Dig"), and a lovely parkway now sits over the road.

There are fountains and this very shallow "pool", which the kids were enjoying after the St. Anthony festivities.

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