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Escape Winter at a Caribbean Spa! #1212
December 05, 2012

Welcome to Great Women's Vacations, the place to get great vacation ideas for your next girlfriend getaway, sisters trip, or mother-daughter vacation.

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Head to the Caribbean to Escape the Winter Cold

• If you live in the northern parts of the US or Europe, you're facing 3 to 4 months of cold weather.

Once the rush of the holiday season is over, you may be ready to escape the cold and relax on the beach for a bit. And why not? Women are generally "in charge" of the cooking, cleaning, decorating, and gift-buying for the holidays. You must be exhausted!

A break is definitely in order. And why not take that break someplace warm?

While you're at it, why not indulge in a spa?

• Caribbean spas are simply fantastic. You can enjoy a massage on the beach, yoga, luscious spa cuisine, pristine sand and crystal waters - plus typical vacation activities like water sports, horseback riding, and exploring the jungles or historical sites.

• Many Caribbean spas are all-inclusive and very affordable. Yet you'll be treated like a queen! Certainly a fitting reward for all your hard work, right?

• We've added several new spas (and new islands!) to the Caribbean spa section of Great Women's Vacations. Check it out and find a new post-holiday destination!

Next month, we'll talk about Craft Retreats - indulge in your favorite hobby by yourself or with your friends.

Until next time - Happy Travels!

Great Women's Vacations in Woman's Day Magazine!!

Great Women's Vacations has been mentioned in an article in the May, 2011, issue of Woman's Day Magazine. The article, about planning a girlfriend getaway, has lots of tips on how to handle finances, responsibilities, etc - along with plenty of reasons you need to get away with "the girls"! We're mentioned at the end of the article, with other resources for planning your getaway.

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