Travel Accessories for Women:Wrist and Ankle Wallet

by Judy C.

This is a somewhat unusual approach to carrying valuables, but it is definitely secure. Designed for runners, this versatile wrist and ankle wallet works just as well while shopping, sightseeing, or at the beach.

It comes in 3 adjustable sizes, so it can fit on your wrist (or higher up on your arm) or your ankle.

It's extremely secure, as a pickpocket will not be able to access this money belt when it's hidden under the sleeve of a shirt, or a pant leg.

While it may be inconvenient to access your money or credit cards when worn at the ankle, it's very easy to get what you need when it's at your wrist. And it's relatively discreet as well - no digging into your pant waist to find your credit card or keys!

It's small, but still holds cash, cards, and a small key. There is a lined zippered pocket to keep things dry (although not for swimming - it repels sweat if you're wearing it on a jog).

It's available in black, royal blue, or green, and the thin nylon/neoprene fabric is soft and comfortable. It has a velcro closure for security.

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