Luggage Scales: Lewis N. Clark Balanzza Digital Luggage Scale v2.0

by Judy C.

Getting caught at the airport with a bag that's over the airline's weight limit will cost you big-time - as much as $100 for just a few ounces over the limit!

The Balanzza is one of the easiest luggage scales to use and to read. Just wrap the strap around the handle of your bag, lift, and read the weight on the digital screen. The screen locks so the weight is displayed after you set the bag down - no more twisting and turning to read the scale!

This scale is very accurate - no more overweight luggage fees for you! It pays for itself the first time it tells you to re-pack your bags!

The Balanzza scale gets 5 stars from the people who have purchased it and used it. It's sturdy enough to last for years, and compact and lightweight enough to toss in your carry-on for the trip home. The automatic shut-off will preserve the life of the scale.

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